Coaching for Individuals

Individualized Support to Help You Find the Right Job or Career, Get Hired, and Be Successful on the Job

coachingforindividualsWhether you are exploring careers, looking for work, or are experiencing challenges at your current job, coaching can help you develop the skills and strategies that you need to succeed.

Career/Job Research: Identify a job or career that will be satisfying, and emphasize your strengths. Career exploration can include: interest and aptitude assessment, defining the ideal work environment, clarifying your skills and abilities, and understanding how Asperger’s Syndrome/autism spectrum disorder or Nonverbal Learning Disorder impacts you on the job. Conducting step-by-step career research enables you to better understand what an occupation is really like.

Interviewing: The social demands of an interview are intimidating and confusing if you have Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) or Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Effective interviewing is about more than  memorizing answers to anticipated questions! Detailed, step-by-step interview preparation focuses on: understanding the purpose of common questions; brainstorming responses; planning what to ask the interviewer; role-playing; how to project confidence and enthusiasm; dressing for success; and more! (Click here to find out more about the Interview Intensive package for job seekers.)

Organization and Time Management: Learn how manage your job search or workday with techniques for prioritizing tasks; accurately estimating how long tasks will take; creating a realistic schedule; understanding employer expectations; and staying focused.

Stress Management: Discover tools for managing anxiety; controlling anger, frustration and other strong emotions; addressing conflict; and avoiding sensory overload.

Communication: Improve your skills using techniques developed specifically for people who have difficulty with communication due to Asperger’s Syndrome or Nonverbal Learning Disorder. Increase your confidence and ability to: recognize situational context; interpret and respond to nonverbal cues; build workplace relationships using small talk; and understand the perspective of others. Specific skills practice can include: presenting your point of view clearly; communicating on a team; disagreeing without angering colleagues; dealing with conflict; and avoiding language that is too blunt, direct.

Disclosure & Accommodation Strategy: An individualized consultation can help you determine if, when, and how to disclose Asperger’s Syndrome or NLD to your employer, and what accommodations may be needed. If appropriate, a discussion with your employer can be arranged to explain the impact of AS or NLD, and what you need to be successful.

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