Consultations for Parents

Are you weighing options for post-secondary education?
Concerned about whether your child’s college major will prepare him or her for employment?
Wondering what to do now that college didn’t work out?
Struggling to understand why your son or daughter can’t get – or keep – a job?

Consultations provide objective, honest feedback based on my years of experience coaching hundreds of individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), Nonverbal Learning Disorder and related conditions. My clients have worked in a variety of occupations, from entry-level positions to manager-level and professional jobs.

I can help you:

▪ Evaluate post-secondary schooling/college majors that offer the greatest chance for future employment – based on your son or daughter’s unique profile of abilities and challenges

▪ Explore options for individuals who have lost several jobs, or cannot secure employment in a particular field

▪ Identify techniques for correcting behaviors that jeopardize employment success

▪ Develop a strategy for disclosure and workplace accommodations

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