Career Success for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Professional Development Training Live Over the Internet

For Career, Disability and Other Professionals at State Community Colleges

This comprehensive program will increase the skill level and confidence of professionals when assisting students on the autism spectrum to choose the right job/career and find employment.

Five weekly meetings of 90-minutes each take place live over the Internet. They feature interactive exercises, case studies, and group discussions. Participants will learn about the various Asperger’s/autism profiles, how to evaluate skills, and specific techniques for guiding students to manageable employment. Extensive written materials include techniques, tools and resources.


Week One: Impact of Asperger’s/Autism in the Workplace: A detailed look at challenges related to interpersonal skills, executive function, restricted/repetitive interests and sensory processing/integration, as well as specific strengths that can be utilized by employers.

Week Two: Working with Individuals: Establishing rapport and addressing unrealistic expectations; tools and techniques for addressing communication, executive function and sensory processing difficulties.

Week Three: Choosing the Right Job/Career: A 4-step process for choosing the right occupation; why interests should not be over-emphasized; useful assessments; creating a workable job search plan.

Week Four: Getting Hired and the Americans with Disabilities Act: Preparing individuals for job interviews; teaching self-advocacy; how the ADA protects employees; deciding whether, when and how to disclose.

Week Five: Working with Employers: Tips for explaining Asperger’s/autism to employers; innovative employer models that can be adapted for internships and jobs.

The program content is for professionals who are assisting students with competitive, not sheltered or heavily supported, employment.


What Participants Say About Professional Development Training from Forward Motion Coaching

“The experience was extremely informative for me — the structure and the exercises and the exchanges that took place between participants as well. [The case studies are] a valuable way of training, through the complexity … of each case. AP, Job Coach, Non-Profit

“I had such a great experience and learned so much from the class!” EW, Recruiter

“The content, readings, case studies and group discussions were insightful and extremely helpful in better equipping me to work with individuals with Asperger’s/autism. I have already had the opportunity to put a lot of what I’ve learned into practice with clients.” SO, University Career Counselor

“I found the course to be informative, relevant, practical and encouraging. It offered a balance of theory and application. Actual client stories delivered a realistic perspective into the challenges of coaching [these individuals].” JY, Neurodiversity Consultant

“[This program provided] excellent and up-to-date knowledge … Almost immediately, [it] helped me be more patient and empathetic to the young man I have been coaching.” BS, Executive Director, Counseling Organization

“I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking more knowledge or plans to work with individuals on the autism spectrum who are seeking employment or need guidance on how to be more successful.” KS, Transition Teacher

“Using case studies was helpful to see how to apply the concepts. The tools you shared were thorough yet easy to use.” LR, Job Developer, Non-Profit

“I came away with many tools and strategies to help the population of autistic students at my university. Barbara pulled heavily from her expertise in the field and provided real-life examples to bring concepts to life. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their career services practice to better serve neurodiverse clients.” GS, University Career Counselor

Comprehensive, Expert Instruction

♦ 5 live, weekly sessions via the Internet (90 minutes each)

♦ In-depth instruction on how to assist individuals to choose the right career and get hired

♦ Detailed case studies that illustrate various Asperger’s/autism profiles

♦ Worksheets, resources, tools

There is a minimum of 6 participants to schedule a training, The cost is $595.00 per person. Recordings of each weekly meeting will be available for 2 weeks.

To learn more about offering this program to your staff members call 617-690-2127 or email to