Employment Success for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

In-Depth Training Live Over the Internet

For Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals and Their Vendors

Qualifies for 9 CRC Continuing Education Credits

This comprehensive program is a “deep dive” for professionals who assist individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles. You will learn how to help these consumers to choose the right job or career, find employment and stay hired.

Weekly, live virtual sessions feature interactive exercises, case studies, and group discussions.  This program qualifies for 9 CRC continuing education credits from the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.


Week 1: The impact of Asperger’s/autism on adults in the workplace. A detailed look at challenges related to interpersonal skills, executive function, restricted/repetitive interests and sensory processing/integration, as well as strengths that can be utilized in the workplace.
Week 2: Working with Individuals. Tools and techniques for addressing common challenges, plus strategies for communication and executive function difficulties.
Week 3: Choosing the Right Job or Career and Getting Hired. A 4-step process for choosing the right occupation; assessments; tips for creating a realistic job search plan; interview preparation.
Week 4: Conclusion of Getting Hired; Americans with Disabilities Act. How individuals are protected in the workplace; deciding whether, when and how to disclose; case examples.
Week 5: Staying Employed. Tools and techniques for addressing common employment challenges; teaching individuals to self-advocate; intervening with an employer (continues to next session).
Week 6: Working with Employers; Autism Hiring Initiatives. Explaining Asperger’s/autism to employers; tips for modifying the interview process and on-boarding; innovative employer models and how to adapt them at small to mid-size companies.

Employment Success for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum is open to vocational rehabilitation professionals and their vendors. The cost $795 per person which includes all written materials. There is a five-person minimum to schedule a training.

Program Features

♦ 6 live, weekly sessions via the Internet (90 minutes each)

♦ In-depth instruction on how to assist individuals to find and maintain employment

♦ Detailed case studies that illustrate various Asperger’s/autism profiles and employment situations

♦ Worksheets, resources, tools

♦ Final project consisting of a written case study review

♦ Qualifies for 9 CRC credits

Content is for professionals assisting individuals with competitive (not sheltered or heavily supported) employment.


To learn more about offering this program to your staff members and vendors, call 617-690-2127 or email to Barbara@ForwardMotion.info