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Guiding Individuals on the Autism Spectrum to the Right Job or Career

Advice for Career Counselors and Coaches

Assisting neurodivergent individuals who are on the autism spectrum to choose the right job or career requires a pragmatic approach. Even those individuals who earn college degrees can struggle to find and maintain employment.

This guide offers practical strategies to help these students/clients correctly evaluate occupations and choose a job or career that will be manageable. Topics include why decisions should not be based solely on interests; understanding the impact of Asperger’s/autism; and the importance of work environment.

Impact of Anxiety on Careers and Employment for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Many neurodivergent adults on the autism spectrum experience chronic, elevated levels of anxiety. This can range from excessive worry to full-blown panic attacks. The resulting maladaptive strategies can impact job performance and retention.

This article discusses common anxiety triggers such as unexpected change and problems with sensory processing and integration. It provides strategies for choosing manageable jobs and careers, navigating interviews and meeting employment expectations.

Getting Hired: A Primer for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome & Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Finding a job can be confusing, frustrating and anxiety-provoking for many individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD). In addition to communication skills, an effective job search requires time management, prioritizing, organizing information, and sustaining motivation.

This guide explains what it takes to find a job for adults with Asperger’s and NLD. Topics include: identifying skills, how interests can lead to careers (or not), how to determine what jobs you are qualified for, the difference between hard and soft job skills, marketing yourself to employers, networking, understanding strengths and limitations, and creating a realistic job search plan.

Workplace Disclosure: Strategies for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and NLD helps you decide if, when and how to disclose to an employer and request accommodations.

It features a review of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and explanations of key terms such as reasonable accommodation, qualified employee, and essential job functions. The Guide outlines a 3-step process for identifying accommodation needs if you have Asperger’s or NLD, and explains the pros and cons of disclosing at various stages of the job cycle. Examples of successful disclosure strategies are included.

The Employer’s Guide to Neurodivergent Individuals on the Autism Spectrum (5th Edition)

This guide explains how to utilize the talents of a capable yet underutilized work force. It covers specific strengths associated with the way individuals process information. Common challenges related to interpersonal communication, organizing and managing time and sensory processing are also covered.

Practical strategies are presented for evaluating job seekers, onboarding new hires and creating environments that are conducive to success.

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