Should You Stop Looking for a Job?

Asperger’s & NLD Career Letter, March 2020

Several clients have asked recently whether they should stop looking for jobs. They are concerned that employers are not hiring due to the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19).

While there has been a dramatic impact on the economy, the situation is not black-and-white. Some companies are hiring, and others will be as soon as the crisis passes (and it will end). Rather than cease job search efforts, try some new strategies and hone your skills.

For example, this is a good time to prepare for video interviews. Begin by making sure that your Internet connection is strong, and that your computer’s camera and microphone are working. Position your computer so that your full head and shoulders will be visible on the screen and choose a location with adequate lighting.

Be mindful of what employers will see in the background. During a role play with my client Steven, I was able to see an overflowing laundry basket and a cluttered bureau. Such a scene is not only distracting, it communicates poor organizational ability.

Since a video interview is designed to simulate a face-to-face meeting, you will make the best impression by simulating eye contact. Do this by looking at the computer camera, not the interviewer. Additionally, your dress and grooming should be the same as for an in-person interview.

This is a good time to increase your understanding about various aspects of the job search process. There is a wealth of free information online about everything from resume writing, utilizing job boards, LinkedIn, and, of course, interviewing skills.

Perhaps you would benefit from learning new, job-related skills or brushing up on any that you haven’t used in a while. There are many online resources, from intensive “boot camps” to learning platforms like Coursera, and free tutorials on You Tube. My client Linda was delighted to discover that Microsoft offers free online tutorials on Word, Power Point, Excel and Access, all of which she needs to perform administrative work.

Updating and upgrading your skill set provides up-to-date information to add to your resume and demonstrates to employers that you take your career seriously.

Copyright 2020, Barbara Bissonnette, Forward Motion Coaching